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  1. kaiser

    kaiser Bored


    now this is funny........i was watching Feroz khan play the guitar in the video of har kisiko nahin milta from jaanbaaz....!!!1
    haha...hes the best. u gotta look at the expression on his face when he plays his thing...real awesome.

    i was just thinkin.....do these guys (filmmakers) evr evr ever make an attempt to do soemthing genuine or honest?
    why dont they even try to look real, why do they call it make believe? its pure ham...... jhankar beats had a pretty belivable rahul bose doiing his drum act. all other movies just ham n ham n ham....

    anyway...heres what this threads about....the funniest actor/actress doing the instrument act....!!

    here'r some of my funniest:

    1. Feroz Khan: jaanbaaz, har kisiko nahin milta....definitely the best of all.

    2.Tushar Kapoor: Mujhe Kuch Kehna hai. Could someone tell me where i can learn how to play the drums like tht? thanks! haha

    3. Kareena K: Main prem ki whatever...who nees jay leno, when u got players like tat? u can laugh for ages nonstop.

    4. Biswajeet (hope ive got his name right): Kismat, he does everythign do the guitar but play it.

    CAnt recall more right now.....bt im sure there r thousands of more 'amazing' performers.........

    have u got any?
  2. Sonali

    Sonali ::>> Welcome <<::

    rani mukarjee in kuch kuch hota hai, koi mil gya (or something like that)
  3. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    Hrithik Roshan in K3G. He's playing just one string with one finger while his fretting hand is holding some other strings... LOL
  4. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    Ya..most of the times this is the case...'Chura liya ' or more recently Sallu in 'jeene ke ishare' or 'O O jaane jaana'...but some heros know their stuff....
    Saif knows how to play the guitar..chk out RHTDM.....also in jhankaar beats..the guitarist guy(shayan munshi) knows sumthing ..atleast he's holding some chord while playing..may not be the correct one tho!
    And i think rahul Bose put enuf effort to learn the drums..looks authentic....
  5. yeah heard rahul bose learnt drums for arnd two months for the role...btw this thread ROCKS !!!
  6. MARS

    MARS Mars Ji...Finally!!!!!

    Saif is a pretty good guitarist...

    and the black guitar which u must be seeing in one of the ads these days..is his first acoustic...
  7. wildcoolswetu

    wildcoolswetu New Member

    Bollywood wud do us all a favour if it stuck to wat its best at..the slimy jatkas and matkas its wud be better if it didnt travel the wild terrains of rock with a pertence guitar and blah blah blah...worth a good laugh though
  8. maverick8218

    maverick8218 New Member

    Hey, someone mentioned that black guitar in the ad. the shape of the guitar is funny, it looks like a left hand guitar which has been converted into a right hand guitar, I don't know whether my observation is accurate, but this is a very rare sight. I have seen right handed guitars converted into left handed ones, but the other way round does not make any sense.
  9. ashwaria rai in bride and prejudice
  10. Hey I Remember One Movie When This Hero..shit I Dont Remember His Name Or The Movie..but In That Movie He Is Supposed To Be The Fastest Guitar Player ....and In The Competition He Plays So Fast That His Hand Begins To Bleed..hahahahahahaha....lol.......
  11. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    LOL ...thats the sort of b^%ls&it audiences are supposed to put with when watching Hindi movies..
  12. nebu...that guy even wins the competition...hahhhahahaahahhahaa...
    and who can forget the movie where mithuns enemies plot to kill him by passin electricity in his strings ....and before he touches the guitar strings his mother sacrifices her life by touching it first and she dies...HAHHAHA....WOMAN COULDNT U JUST SHOUT AND TELL HIM "BETA GUITAR KO CHUO MAT"...LOL.AHAHAH
  13. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    hahah.....i rem seeing that mithun thing in channel v.......you know when it comes to spoofs, u can count on mtv n channelv.
    ....jeez.....that was soem idea...the 'electric' guitar!!!! haahaha

    btw.......if saif really knows how to play, why doesnt he do it in movies? er...uh... may be he doesnt do it as well as feroz khan...hahaha!

    i rem one mroe video.....pity i cant rem the name of song or movie. rishi kapoor's competing with some other freak in a dance competion.....now that pther guy.....hes as goos as feroz man!!1
    a good thing bt the song.....there's an electric guitar solo ann the freak does it on his accoustic! hahahaha..........

    bollywood man.....real dumb....!
  14. saif plays the guitar...ive seen him play in the simi garewal show i think...
    he listens to pink floyd and stuff....pretty good taste in music......
    ive also noticed that most hindi heroes can play chords with only one finger...man this thread is the best igt thread ever...this thread should be made sticky...anyone ??
  15. kaiser

    kaiser Bored

    can it be made sticky now? plus i don have that many points....!
  16. sumit

    sumit HaNdS uPPP!!

    well myself also every time i see a music video and a guitar i see the starts and tthe chords...well they just hold a string or so....but let me say saif ali plays well...
    movies like popcorn khao, and in do dil mil rahe hai(shahruk) holding the guitar ...
  17. nayi padosan - i dunt remember za actorz name
  18. hrithik roshan-kaho na pyar hai
  19. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    hrithik roshan-K3g that song deewana something....the idiot is playing a fender strat.....with the chord not connected...hes dancing around with all 6 of his fingers on the 12-17 fret region.....and while he keeps strummin.......what s*^# man

    dont remember the movie but a very famous tune....which rishi kapoor or someone plays to revive his friend or something....the tune is played on just two strings and this guy strums they way u wud if u r palyin chords.......

    dont rremember the moive again.with some hopless actor having a jugalbandi with rishi kapoor agian......and this rips electric solos on his accoustic..and midway thru this his GF joins him on stage to continue waht he's playin......

    sharukh khan in pardes....and in kuch kuch hota hai

    BTW appparently saif has had some 2 yrs of training in london on the guitar..so he is a proper player..unlike those wannabes
  20. The Dark Matter

    The Dark Matter Imperceptibly unknown

    I think Bollywood is stuck in this make-belief thing! I personally think its crap.

    But hey Saif can play...

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