Ae Zindagi-Satyamev Jayate- Acoustic Guitar Cover- by Abhijeet

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  1. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    And finally Ram Sampath was back with his vocal best on SMJ. I did an acoustic cover of this song from Satyamev Jayate's episode on Alcohol Abuse.
    Listen to it fellas.

    Song: Aye Zindagi
    Composer : Ram Sampath
    Singer : Ram Sampath
    Lyrics : Munna Dhiman

    Enjoy and Peace.
  2. nishantutk

    nishantutk New Member

    Loved d cover

    hey i enjoyed ur cover. can u please tell d chords man. i'll be very grateful 2 u.
  3. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    Hey Bro,
    Thanks for listening to it.The chords are very simple in nature

    I will give the detailed chords once I get back home from work. Till then this should do the job.
    - Abhijeet
  4. faisyakhtar

    faisyakhtar New Member

    AE ZINDAGI Satyamev Jayate exact Chords by Faisy

    C# - F# - G# - F#
    Aye zindagi tu hi bataa,
    khoya hai jo, paaoon kahaan?
    har bhool ko maafi mile
    roothe palon ko main laaoon manaa

    Bm – B(PChord) – C# - F# - G#
    Naa jaane kitni
    hansti aakhon ke
    saare sapne cheen liye maine
    saaye hain cheene
    kitne saron se
    aur kitne ghar phoonk diye maine

    C# - G# - F#
    Naa jaane kitne rishton ki
    dor main kaat kay aaya hoon
    itni baate bhooloon main kaise
    kaise main khud ko apnaaoon

    Aye zindagi tu hi bataa..

    Aankhein thi khuli, maloom tha sab
    sab kuch hote dekh raha tha main
    phir bhi na kuch bhi rokaa maine
    jaane kis lehar bahaa tha main

    Kaash yeh sab ik khwaab hi ho
    aankh khule toh sab theek mile
    bojh yeh man kay jaaein utar
    dil yeh mera phir se khile

    Aye zindagi tu hi bataa..
  5. Shinoda

    Shinoda New Member

    I think your guitar is tuned half step down brother.I am pretty much sure about the chords being normal rather than sharp (#).
    But if it is sounding good, then who am I to say anything :/

    Keep Strumming :)
    - Abhijeet
  6. nishantutk

    nishantutk New Member

    thanks man
  7. faisyakhtar

    faisyakhtar New Member

    Well, Different people Different views
  8. nishantutk

    nishantutk New Member

    hey i didnt told ur chords wer wrong. I just thnkd SHINODA for giving me d chords.

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