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  1. Iraqita_EP

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    Hi guys....
    today i started out on a quest to make my own composition...i managed to make a sort of intro....sounds good.....its on the Gmaj scale......i no dat solos r variations and improvisations played on a scale so i dun need to worry bout dat.....wat i want to know is how shud i go about making chords,bar chords and power chords for chorus and bridge????
    can aneone help me???
  2. limaj_daas

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    man... i've been making my own stuff too... it's damn simple... I know a bit bout theory.. and i rarely apply it on purpose ... it just applies itself. And i find that moving my fingers in a similar way across a different set of strings helps... the process, for me, usually starts wid a simple catchy riff... i'd repeat it twice with variations. Then i'd go to the same riff except move it to a higher pitch or a lower pitch and do just a few different things wid it. After that, i just move a few fingiers here and there. and then create a sort of rhytm with moving the fingers... it just comes out to be summin that sounds good if not amazing... try this way... it works for me in creating compositions... the only problem is... u need a lot of variety... so if u hav power chords in the beginning... then u should go for octaves... or maybe a different type of interval... if u had some alternative picking in the previous solo, then u should have summin different this time... And if ur gonna have a fast part... have a lead up to it. It shouldn't just rip outta some soulful stuff u were playing a sec ago... if ur gonna play rlly fast all of a sudden... hav a build up on the same scale or have a fast riff before the solo, expand on that riff and then let the beast within u shred the hell outta ur guitar. Ya, so good luck... i hope this post hasn't been just a piece of crap.
  3. guitarist_bd

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    why the solo sounds like the song

    hello amar akta quetion chilo composing a r bepare. aktu ajgubi kintu ami beparta bhujtaci na keno amon hoy. ami onek song a shunar por bhuja jay je oi song gular solo ar sathe asol gaan ar mil thake. ata ki kore sombhov hoy. some how looks like that solo and the main song rhytm is same. why its happend. what should i do when composing my solo in my own song so that it could match with the main song . keo jodi amar sommosa ta bhujte paren to plz reply diyen
  4. shsnawada

    shsnawada Cyborgs & Pasta

    Dont have a chorus. Thats my "advice". Chorii generally make the song feel cheap. Atleast to my ears.
  5. Iraqita_EP

    Iraqita_EP New Member

    ohk guys.......the part i made generally belongs to the the genre of creed and 12 stones...........its like the one step closer intro....clean and simple.......but ofcourse it doesnt sound the same.....ive decided to keep this parts as the intro.........i will upload it soon as im gonna get a mike sumtime this week........wat i want to know is how shud i make the power chords?????for eg.....if u guys hav hrd trivium ka dying in your guy is playing the lead while another guy is playing power chords to back him do i make these chords wich the second guitarist can play???shud they be on the same scale?????
  6. Iraqita_EP

    Iraqita_EP New Member

    i havnt even made my solo yet...though i no how to............according to my sir we hav to improvise while playing a scale and we gotta der shud be no problem in dat

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