Advanced lessons on sweep arpeggios and legatos....

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  1. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    hey guys....

    i'm new to this forum and have been playing guitar for a year and a half now....
    i only had an acoustic guitar until recently and learned all the chords....

    found chords and stuff boring and started learning power chords, heavy metal rhythm and lead....
    i cam play many songs(rhythm guitar) from my inspirational bands iron maiden, metallica, eluveitie, and many many bands and guitarists....
    i can play lead guitar including solos(only decently...random errors do occur) from blood brothers, the clansman(iron maiden), nothing else matters, the unforgiven, fade to black(metallica), hand of blood(bfmv).....all on acoustic glasgow kiss(petrucci) till 2:18....

    i bought a bc rich warbeast right now.....and cant play on it(infact on any electric guitar)....not because of shape or weight but because the strings ar too slinky....tooooooo slinky for my likes.....i used super heavy gauge strings on acoustic so it would sound more heavy.....i cant alternate pick fast coz i need some resistance from the strings so i can alternate pick.....

    and i wanted to learn SWEEP PICKING ARPEGGIOS AND LEGATOS but find them very i need to practice more on alt picking scales and some intermediate stuff more or it it ok to learn advanced stuff at this stage???????i tried lessons from everywhere....i mean E_V_E_R_Y_W_H_E_R_E..........can someone from BANGALORE HELP ME ON THIS.....

    my final aim is to play like Michael Angelo Batio and John Petrucci and Kirk Hammett and and Dave Murray and the list could go on forever.....
    Can someone tell me how much i should practice in order to play like them....may be in years....dosent matter....

    And can someone suggest effects pedals and amp under 10 k?????i am currently using ma friend's zoom g2nu and stranger cube 20....they sound fine when on mid gain with marshall and peavy drive with moderate delay and reverb and znr trsh at 8 .....and also some other tweaked settings.....

  2. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    no replies yet ???? dang.....
  3. wylder

    wylder New Member

    Can't alternate pick because of slinky strings? Never heard that one before... Is your guitar down tuned? What is the scale length on your guitar 24.75" or 25.5"? Are you using the wrong gauge strings?
    Do you know at what tempo are you facing this issue? Say for example, 4 notes per click at around 160 bpm?
  4. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member


    i mentioned already in my post....i used to have .014s on my acoustic guitar.....and it offers great resistance to alt picking.....i donno what gauge strings my electric guitar uses or other electric guitars....but i cant play on those kind of thin slinky strings(my friend uses 0.009).....barring seems to be a looooott easier but alt picking becomes sloppy somehow......(and heavy gauge strings for electric guitars are wayyyy overpriced in costs around 1k for d'addario........even ernie ball cost more than 500 bucks..... )

    my guitar is in standard tuning and scale is 25.5 and its always hard to alternate pick on thin strings....n i use 1mm picks......some cheap company......but seemed to be good on my acoustic for lead......:)....

    any advice????

    any idea why......
  5. wylder

    wylder New Member

    Maybe you are picking too hard or have a different technique.

    The conventional technique of speed picking is to rest your palm on the bridge (like an open handed karate strike). Then you use a combination of wrist and finger movement to pick. To get faster, you need to minimize the movement of your hand so that your pick stays close to the string at all times.
    I have seen Zakk Wylde doing the wild picking thing where his picking looks something like fast strumming. Check out his instrumental 'Farewell Ballad' on youtube for that style of speed-picking. But I guess accuracy with that style would be tough.

    About alternate picking vs sweep picking - it is better you get good with strict alternate picking first. Try to develop your legato too. This is because for most of the basic playing, you will need both these techniques. Once you develop enough speed, fluency and accuracy you can get into sweep picking.

    BTW, the last time I picked up D'addario 9 gauge strings it was still around 400 bucks a pack. I usually buy the 3 set pack which comes to about 1k... In any case, they last quite long even through regular use.
    As far as picks go, I've been using the Dunlop Jazz III for a long time now. Its super comfortable and not as bright as the Stubby.
  6. mymusicmyguitar

    mymusicmyguitar New Member

    What kinda pick are you using?? Soft one or a hard one?

    Try using Jazz3 or Planet waves Black Ice thicker ones...i guess they are termed as heavy ones... .. or any other harder plectrum
  7. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    So you are used to high tension strings.

    How far can you bend the string in your acoustic? 1 fret / 2 fret / 3 fret / 4 fret?
  8. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    it may take time to adjust on the electric
  9. sgt.misery

    sgt.misery New Member

  10. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    he cant play properly on an electric guitar
    and you want to teach him sweeps
  11. sgt.misery

    sgt.misery New Member

    well the thread says "Advanced lessons on sweep arpeggios and legatos...."
  12. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    ok ....will practice more alt picking......and what about legatos....where do i learn them from......i feel its bit confusing....coz alternate picking is straight forward....just hit the string while you fret......simple....but not legatos......n string skipping letgato tapping.....makes me tired looking at it.....

    n i want heavy gauge .013 or .014 or greater.....
  13. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    from b to g string....a lil bit more....but more than that fells like the strings gonna break(happened thrice....believe it or not twice on g string and once on e string


    and i use heavy gauge strings and they offer more tension.....:)....
  14. Chikoo2010

    Chikoo2010 New Member

    and playing with the dunlop big stubby 3mm felt good.....i liked the contour....fits exactly into my finger.....picking is better now.....

    and can someone jam along with me maybe i could learn from something from you????


    and i forgot to mention on more thing.....i sweat a lotttt.....and the pick sometime slips......and bends slip......somebody face the same problem?????

    and how do you reply to multiple posts????

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  15. guitarplayer729

    guitarplayer729 New Member

    bending sometimes do slip
    and for legatos play normal scales without the pick
    and a tie a rubber band on the first fret
  16. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    Bending frets = when you bend the string which fret does it sound like.
    E.G.: When I bend the B string at 12th fret, I can bend it to sound like 15th or 16th fret - SO that means I can bend the string 3 or 4 frets.

    The reason why I asked you this question is because - the lighter gauge in electric guitar exist solely because of ease of bending.
    On an acoustic you rarely bend beyond 1 or 2 frets.

    To solve your problem - why don't you install a set of heavy gauge strings?
  17. wylder

    wylder New Member

    If you are pretty confident with alternate picking, try learning the solo for "No More Tears" by Ozzy. Towards the end there is a repeating pentatonic lick that goes some thing like


    Let us know if you can get that up to speed. If its too difficult for you to play it at even half speed, then we cud try a different example.

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