Addat ho chuki hai Strumming

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  1. dinudj4u

    dinudj4u New Member

    Hey Can any 1 give me the strumming pattern for Addat ho chuki hai :- kalyug
    at least for first four chords & if possible where to change the chords exactly i mean at what words u shift from C#m to B & A & B

    door jitna bhi tum mujh say pass teray mein
    C#m B A B
  2. sayantan_guha

    sayantan_guha New Member


    The best way to play this song is to play :

    C#m---4th position
    B------7th position
    A------5th position

    those were the simplest ones...though it took me more than 5 months 2 figure it out( dont mind if i am wrong--i 'm only a beginer having an experience of 9-10 month experience of playing guitar)
  3. saurabh_taurian

    saurabh_taurian New Member

    strumming pattern is D/UDUD/UDUD on each chord. chords are rite..... "/" a little pause
  4. cannyman007

    cannyman007 New Member

    aadat chords

    this is
    i have just newly registered and saw ur question.
    i will cut short. i m giving you an url

    hope u will play as it is written and the words come fine with the chords.

    but i have a doubt did you mean that "adat ho chukki hai teri" that song
    acted by the ***y gal with the cowbow hat and jeans?
  5. saurabh_taurian

    saurabh_taurian New Member

    cannyman007....that are wrong chords u have given...the correct ones are given above

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