Adbhut Mugdhota From New Album Dwito Purush By Anupam Roy Guitar Chords

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  1. yamon abedin

    yamon abedin New Member

    hi frnds....i have tried to figure out the chords of adbhut mugdhota by anupam roy.
    the song starts with G,Bm,D and the full song is based on the chords--G,Bm,C,D,Em.i hope these chords will sound good to you also.please try them & let me know how did they sound???
  2. ZiZ

    ZiZ New Member

    Tumi aktu line wise dile valo hoto...jodio first line ta i think akkebare perfect
    G Bm C G eta dirst line cant figure out the rest....Em ache but specifically bujhte parchi na
  3. yamon abedin

    yamon abedin New Member

    adbhut mughdhota guitar chords(REPLY)


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