acoustic or semi-acoustic guitar?

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by raviknt, Apr 28, 2009.

  1. raviknt

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    Hi everybody, It's been a month since I have started learning guitar. I have Givsons standard f-cut guitar, which was gifted to me. I want to change it to standard guitar 'cos I don't like the sound of my present guitar. I have a budget of 5-6k.
    1. which guitar should i go for i.e. an acoustic or a semi-acoustic?
    2. which brand should i go for? (personally I like Yamaha guitars, should I go for F310 or CS40)
    3. any other yamaha semi-acoustic guitars or other brands?

  2. RAVI85

    RAVI85 New Member

    I want to buy a 2nd hand Givson guitar for beginner.

    Hi friend I want to buy 2nd hand givson guitar for beginner. Would you like to sell it. Your are from which place. If you would like to sell give it to me I will pay resonable price ( not costly). I am a student .
  3. raviknt

    raviknt New Member

    sorry ravi i have already gifted to someone else....well my advice to you is if you are serious about learning guitar, i.e., even after getting disappointed, getting frustrated, getting angry by not getting notes right, not getting chords right even after so many practice you want to should go for yamaha f310 or any other similar quality guitar...don't go for Givsons, it sounds cheap!

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