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    Hi folks,
    I am planning to buy my first (and probably the last) acoustic guitar. I have been following this forum for days and searched a lot for the brands and prices for beginner guitars. Two things I understood are
    1. At a price range below 5K, all guitars are almost the same.
    2. When buying a guitar, go to the store and listen to the guitar before loking for brand name and buying.

    Now I cant make out difference between two similar guitars like pluto and granda of the same range. No know friend who can assist me and cannot rely on the instructor (he's suggesting a givson???)

    So at furtados, I found this granada
    Model : failed to ask
    Price :5.4 K (sounds tooo much)
    Dealer : furtados
    comes with a pickup(or amp connectivity).

    What do ye say??
  2. the_1

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    NO one???

    Can someone throw some light on the thread???

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