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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by kunals83, Feb 17, 2009.

  1. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Hey Guys, i searched the form but didn't get my query solved.

    Well, i play an acoustic Yamaha F210 guitar.
    And i bought Marshall CD-10 amp and a RP350 processor. ( got from US in good deal :) )

    Now, the doubt is how can i make the use of amp and processor without buying an electric?
    The Yamaha doesn't have the pickups. I tried using a mic stick to the guitar body and try to connect the the mic end to the Amp "INPUT" or "CD IN" thinking it will amplify the mic input, but none of the option works ?

    - Is it possible to use a mic input to the AMP for amplification ?
    - If i install an acoustic pickup, then will i be able to use the AMP?
    - and also with the pickup installed on my guitar can i also use my processor too ?
    - Also, if pickup is the only solution, can someone suggest a good acoustic guitar pickup that can be installed on my Yamy F210 ?

    Basically i want to learn acoustic more before buying an electric, but then my AMP and processor will be kept with no use, so thinking of using them with my acoustic.

    Waiting for your suggestions :)
  2. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Where all the guitar geeks gone ? :(
  3. alpha1

    alpha1 I BLUES!

    1. Yes. Of course It is possible. You can send any electrical signal to amplifier as long as it is at the prescribed voltage level)
    2. Yes again
    3. I don't know much about piezo electric pickups, but what I know is that they are like thin sticky strip that you can stick to the inside of the guitar body, frm where the wires can be soldered to a socket. And then you can use the generic 1/4" jack to plug your guitar to amp.
  4. Side_Show_Joy

    Side_Show_Joy New Member

    alpha1 has already answered most of your questions....check out some Fishman pickups if you can find a Furtados store near you...they are pretty neat.
  5. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    thanks for the suggestions guys.

    I went to Furtados shop, Bangalore ...opened just now on 18th Jan this year !!
    They really have some neat stuff with them, but they were not having fishman pickups, not in stock right now...but i got seymour duncan acoustic guitar pickup in 3k, no battery, no screwing, awesome built quality and sound :)

    Woody, single coil, from seymour duncan:

    The price range for fishman series was from 3.4k to 4.8k and above.

    Also, i got a clip-on pickup of Fzone brand for 250/- bucks from some other shop...its a nice cheaper way of amplifying your acoustic...with a small drawback of catching noise at louder volume, bit still its not bad at all..compared to giVson and other crap pickups which needs to be screwed on you guitar.

    Clip-on pickup from Fzone:
  6. taran95

    taran95 New Member

    ya i also have the same ...but my guitar pick ups ..but i want to know that does zoom g1 (guitar processor) work with my guitar...
  7. kunals83

    kunals83 New Member

    Didn't get your question?
    if you want to know that zoom processor can be used using one of these pickups on your acoustic, then Yes. Simply connect your pickup to processor IN and Processor OUT to your AMP.

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