accurate tabs for phir dekhiye from rock on!!

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  1. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    accurate chords for "phir dekhiye" from "rock on!!"

    well, most of the threads here were here's my version......feel free to make changes.....


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  2. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    somebody say something!
  3. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    It's fun, isn't it when people don't reply to your posts,...
    Lolz... :RollLol:
  4. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    sorry mate...
    cant help posting that after what you wrote...esp after you looked so desperate for replies...
    sorry, this isn't meant to be disgraceful...
    Lets just call this war off... shall we dude!!
    Peace from me now!
  5. Anant_5am

    Anant_5am New Member

    As for the tabs, I think they are like 80% right...except for the part
    G#m EM G#m EM
    Zindagi Mein Koi Arzooo Kijiye

    maybe im not playing it right!
    rest is well done..and yes, if you ask me to choose b/w E and C#m, ill say its C#m because thats the right chord!!! ;)

    P.S.: I like your style of attaching tabs in text format..that way its much easier to save them for offline use...
  6. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    kk man! actually i didnt want to fight in the first place at was just that is was in a grumpy mood and know.......
  7. sukrut

    sukrut God Guitarist

    i do believe the chords are right.......
  8. nitendra

    nitendra New Member

    Posting in txt format as an attachment

    I hope you realize that if you post an attachment, non-members are not able to see the chords. People (like me) will be forced to register to download that attachment !

    Well - maybe your purpose is to increase registration - at the cost of your chords not reaching beyond members :)

  9. sandyssn

    sandyssn New Member

    nitendra .. the whole idea is sharing of chords and wen registration is free n u get to become one among the clique of guitarists .. y do u bother??!!???
  10. lalit_rocks

    lalit_rocks New Member

    Sukrut's chords are perfect nice job buddy
  11. lalit_rocks

    lalit_rocks New Member

    just little change song ends with B major
  12. Geek

    Geek New Member

    Chords are accurate, good work sukrut.

    Whoever tells you chords aren't right need to fixed their ears!
  13. bdcnmc17

    bdcnmc17 New Member

    i think the EMaj should be E6add9
    that sounds more accurate..
  14. rahul b.

    rahul b. New Member

    here is the real chords !!!!!

    Bmaj at 7th pos...... Emaj at the 5th pos....(repeat them 2 times)
    then Bmaj7th at the 5th pos..... Bmajwith open E string.......... then Bsus4 at2nd pos !!!!

    go for it............ guys they are the real chords used in the recording.....

    and let me know !!!!

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