Accoustic to electric guitar using piezoelectric transducer

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  1. benhu

    benhu New Member

    I just converted my accoustic guitar into electric using a guide of accoustic pickup

    It sounds grat also it provides good signal while recording

    I have buyed a kit of amplier at just 100 rs form vegakit and the results are good

    Without an amplifier also it can do but to get good signal strength you have to use an amplifier

    The whole credit goes to the adamkumpf he has posted guide on making accoustic to electric.
    You can download the small pdf and get the knowledge ,you can try on your guitar...

    any doubts and queries related for converting accoustic to electric .
    ...........will be welcomed

    pls make some suggestions......

    i will try to give the best solution
  2. ms.deepu28

    ms.deepu28 New Member

    Nice guide i will try but doing a hole into the guitar seems to be very tough and i am afraid about it
    can u help
    what should i do?
  3. benhu

    benhu New Member

    thanks for comment,
    if you are not able to drill the hole ,drill from someone proffessional .
  4. ms.deepu28

    ms.deepu28 New Member

    help --

    What about piezo how do You connect it to guitar? and where ?
  5. acoustic12

    acoustic12 New Member

    well thats a tricky part.. you will have to stick the piezo electric buzzer on the wooden surface of the guitar from the inside. It will be possible only if u have a guitar with a sound hole and not with one of those arch top f cut guitar.

    Ne way.. assuming that u have a sound hole in your guitar, loosen the strings a bit, so that your hand can go inside the guitar body. Take off the strings if u have tomake sure you can get ur hand thru completely.. Now get some nice glue.. or a sticking tape, and stick the piezo buzzer on the surface of the guitar from the inside. Stick it on the side where the hole is. Chose a spot somewhere arround the sound hole. You can use either side of the sound hole, If you stick it towards the top( towards the neck of the guitar) it wil produce a warmer sound towards the bottom (near the bridge) it wil produce a brighter and crisper sound. I preffer it to be towards the neck. So if u hold your guitar upright(strings facing you), the buzzer should go to the top right side in my opinion. Be careful, and very gentle with the surface of the piezo buzzer, you shouldnt damage the delicate diaphragm while doing applying the glue or the tape, but make sure it sticks to the inside surface firmly, and there is no lose tape hanging about or it will make an unwanted noise. Also, make sure that you dont glue(if u use glue) the centre of the diaphragm, glue only arround the edges, otherwise the diaphragm wont vibrate properly and there wil be no proper sound.

    Hope the explanation is good enuf.
    Tell me how it goes..

  6. acoustic12

    acoustic12 New Member

    You bought an amplifier kit for 100 bucks!!! R u for real.? and what good will an electric guitar be without an amplifire.. dont really understand wat u said there.. di u really mean amplifier or is it just a pre-amplifier.. please explain.. im heavily confused.
  7. aTalwar

    aTalwar New Member

    what he means is a acoustic electric i think.
    i have done piezo mods in past to my acoustic and electrics. (though gotten rid from electrics now)
    just find the sweet spots (under the bridge) and one on side shim and one underneath top. then you will get a fuller richer tone. for electrics just lift the bridge if possible and put in the transducers there or fix them in the pup cavity.

    Do know that you will need a really good preamp for that, the 100 rs amp wont give you the range and there is a huge impedence mismatch going on there.
    :) but isn't it just a great feeling to do a mod and get pleased with the results irrespective of whatever they are.
  8. benhu

    benhu New Member

    reply to amplifier for 100 bocks

    Sorry , i was at hometown for long gap .......hence could not reply ....

    I have bought an analog amplifier kit form vega
    here they provide separate parts and PCB board and you have to solder on your own.
    Along with the audio jacks and cables it cost me total about 135 Rs.....
    But without speakers ................

    The kit is analog based hence somewhat noisy ,I would prefer you to use a good amplifier......rather than this kit.....

    and the kit is of amplifier not a preamp ......

    I have also circuitary of kit provided on paper ,Point of interest if anybody requires this kit circuitary to make amplifier on own ,then just post ....

    I suggest if anybody using above piezotransducer method and not have an preamplifier ......
    then just use audio jacks and connet the output of guitar to the woofer system you use for PC , It sounds great and noise is almost 0.1% ie neagligible ........
  9. Siddhesh.k

    Siddhesh.k New Member

    aree ti file filedropper ni kadhun takli,pls parat rapidshare war upload kara na!
  10. benhu

    benhu New Member

    i will upl;oad it today...the file dropper has deleted all my files i have to update again.....
  11. benhu

    benhu New Member

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