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    1. How much would a free-bass* unisonoric** chromatic*** button**** accordion (like a bayan, check it out - come for in India? Where can I land one in Delhi? I'm kinda interested in the instrument, I may learn it at a conservatory later, wanted to get a little feel of it, and also the price.

    2. I'll commence learning piano from August onwards. Can someone recommend me a cheap, practice-worthy electronic piano for home practice? Is 88 keys an absolute necessity? (I don't see myself doing 15va/15vb passages all the time, lol; but then again, I don't know jack about piano playing and repertoire)


    *Not that dumbassed Stradella system
    **Makes the same note when bellows are pressed or expanded, as opposed to bisonoric.
    ***No diatonic crapshit.
    ****To hell with the keyboard accordions.

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