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  1. satan@666

    satan@666 New Member

    Hi guys,

    Me and my brother are tabbing hindi songs this week. Let us know of any (and i mean Any) songs you want the chords for.

    Rhythm Brothers

    Hindi Guitar Chords
  2. bhikhaari

    bhikhaari New Member

  3. harshul3311

    harshul3311 New Member

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  4. Guitarnewb101

    Guitarnewb101 New Member

    Hi bro,
    Can you please get the chords of Maula by Atif Aslam?? I posted a request earlier but no one seems to care.
    It'd be very helpful if u did.
  5. kaushalpandya

    kaushalpandya New Member

    just want to know how to awake chord & rhytham sense to able to play myself.. i m able to play guitar tabs , keyboard ,flute etc .
    I m not trained
  6. decent

    decent New Member

    tabs r a subset of basically any tab u play cums under certain may be standard A to G chords or its power/barre version..
    n it takes time to know d scale of song..
    n u need ear training for knowing d rite chord.. which comes wid patience n practice..
    figuring out chords is very easy..but figuring dem in d right scale is difficult..wich is obviously a tough phase for us untrained ppl.. :)
    man der r 132 sounds in a 22 freted obviously u must not b playing d tabs in ditto but dey may be similar.. :)
    rythm sense also cums wid practice..keep strumming.. try new a song on ur comp n try to figure out d chords of dat song..
    n take songs wid acoustic guitar strumming..
    n pick up d instrument wen u r tired or bored of trying it..den is wen u wud "learn" it
    prefer only one instrument at one time..u dont hav to be a jack of all..u shud be master of one first :)
    al d best :)
    hope u dont think its too much o sumthing..

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