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  1. coolsajith

    coolsajith New Member

    hi i have a guitar and i have 2 months of free time..
    can some one tell me how do i play it.
    can you give me photographs of finger positions on the frets so that i can see that and learn to play chords.....
  2. jazzbox

    jazzbox His X Ln C 1000CC

    why dunt u learn properlyu from a teacher??

    well if u learn it ur self u can try these things ...

    first thing is to tune ur guitar on open E A D G B E strings note

    there is an manual and easy way to tune it, i submitted the method on IGT keep search or tune it by any method..

    then play four notes on each string like


    but play it by ur finger like this

    1 = index finger
    2 = middle finger
    3 = ring finger
    4 = littile finger (pinky)

    first practice it as fast as u can ...

    then secondly read the notes on ur guitar fret board.....

    then jumped to chords and learn them i will u some sites to learn chords

    is it clear!

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