Absolute guitar noob needs help chosing his first guitar :)

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by lonewolf2010, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I want to buy a guitar from online store (bajaao or furtados).

    I have followed some discussions in this forum and I have zeroed in on Granada. This one in particular - Granada PRS-9 30" Travel Acoustic Guitar.

    I kinda like the small size but I would like to know if its good for a beginner like me.

    My budget is strictly within 3k.

    In the past I had borrowed a jumbo from one of my cousins but I found the guitar neck (I hope its called the neck) too thick and my fingers couldn't hold the strings properly. I have short - ish fingers (to give an idea, my index finger is around 3 inches long measured from the base) So will this guitar suit me?? I am open to other suggestions as well.

    I appreciate any help..
  2. lonewolf2010

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    No replys :( ???
  3. If you are totally new to guitar... i'd suggest you not to worry about the feeling that ur fingers could not hold...

    Try Gibson guitars in the starting range. Granada is a good choice.
    But don't buy it online.... Go to a guitar shop... speak to the guy who sells them. Make sure the salesman is not just a salesman... they are usually guitarists,
    So he will know which size will be apt for you.

    once you zero in on the model you want, you can shop online.

    I myself use a givson g 150 acoustic... it is a really good guitar to begin with. Have a look at it too, though i doubt they are still in the market.

    All the best bro :)

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