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    Hi friends,
    I am currently in Hyderabad, shortly travelling to US. I've taken guitar lessons for a few months (about 6) during 90's and have just been playing once a week/fortnight/month afterwards. Now that I am reviving a few of my passions, I am once again back to square 1 of guitar playing. I hope to make good progress,with the help of more experienced players here and some online lessons (vGuitarLessons etc).
    I currently own a J&D Brothers acoustic (sunburst wine-red/black) that I purchased about 8-10 months ago (from Avanti musicals in Panjagutta). But am now planning to sell it off and buy a Fender Squire electric once I reach US (mostly 15th of this month).

    Good luck & Regards,
  2. kiss2rock

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    hello harsha
    will love to connect with you
    i am yet to start my classes will start shortly
    as this community is the best and users here help each other to learn
    thanks cu
    Kanakdeep G
    IT consultant

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