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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by aysh, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. aysh

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    can ne1 tell me what Jazz music is and more importantly why Mekaal Hasan's music is categorized as Jazz ??
  2. aysh

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    cmon .. do u guys only suggest dog names
  3. JAZZ

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    its actually a combination of eastern clasiical musik n western musik
    flute ,tabla , vocals are eastern .....n bass ,guitar are western

    they call it jazz b`cuz they look it from wertern point of view
  4. aysh

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    i meant what are the ingrediants in jazz.. i.e. any particular instruments or playing style ??
  5. JAZZ

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    in western musik......Orchestra , s e xo phone , jazz guitar ,flute are there
    in Eastern sense we may call it jazz musik....but its actually a classical musik
  6. ronnieanand

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    Jazz was basically music for bar. Originally they were played only in Bars. The musicians were supposed to observe the whole mood going on the bar and then change the music to change the mood of the people drinking, so as to make them avoid quarelling or fighting and at the same time get them into drinking more. If the mood is too gloomy, they will make you feel better and if you are too happy, they will get you into drinking more. Usually it involved Drums, Bass, Guitar, Saxophone or Clarinet, Piano or Keys.
    It's kind of a very difficult music because, those old guys never had a set list, they have to understand the mood and improvise accordingly. All of the musicians have to understand the mood exactly and play in sync. Later jazz got out of bars and became more of an experimental music. May be Mekal hassan is doing some experimental stuff or even cross cultural stuffs. I haven't heard him anyway.

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