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    Do you know that to play this exercise, and most scale exercises, you keep your hand in place unless you absolutely have to move it? This makes a lot of sense, which you can see for yourself if you've tried to move your hand around to get at different notes. After a while, your poor hand says, "Forget it man. If I'm gonna be doing all this moving around, why don't we just play drums instead?"

    Keeping your hand in place when possible means that you'll be doing stretches with some of your fingers to hit those occasional notes that don't sit within a span of four frets. (But the exercise just given involves no such stretches.) Which fingers do you stretch? Your first and your last (or your index finger and your pinky). This intro to positioning your hands and fingers could get us into a whole new topic, but let's focus on the one exercise for now. Just remember:

    *When playing scales, keep your hand stationary whenever possible. If you need to play a note outside of the four-fret span, stretch your index or pinky to get it.*
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    Yeah it makes sense.....it also help to stretch ur fingers... some times such a situation comes that u've to stretch ur finger upto 7 frets!!!!!!
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    See one such example. Streching your pinky...

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    @amit: Its not THAT big a stretch. I do it all the time playing F major scale. Good stretching warmup though. Hold 5th fret on A string, and try to hit 12th fret on E. Now thats stretching!
  5. amit82cse

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    com'on..I can barely go upto 10th fret..12th is impossible man :) Do post the pic..

    ...may be your fingers are little longer...
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    OUt of curiousity, where did such a situation arise for you?
  7. Evo Guy 911

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    ^^ It usually arises when u play extended form of scales, also known as 4-notes-per-string pattern. It goes something like this:

    U can use ur picking hand to hammer those 4th notes(e.g., 6th fret in low E and 8th in A) in those situations but some ppl are "extra flexible". What is this technique called? That hammering by 2nd hand? Anyone knows? Mekaal Hassan uses it a lot in addition to his whammy bar.

    @amit: Sure why not. Will show u tomorrow.
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    That shows Mr.Bob-bobby-pants copied this off frm some other site.

    And guess what!

    Here it is: http://www.maximummusician.com/GuitarBasics5.htm

    He's not even on IGT anymore, it's high time he should be removed frm the mods list.
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    @Cryptic: Cool! Nice catch girl!

    Is he a Mod? Yea i've hardly seen him since i joined the forum. Where r ya buddy, ur butt is on the line!

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