Abhi Nahin Aana (sona) chords ?

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  1. motif_user

    motif_user New Member

    This is really a great song by Sona Mohapatra from her debut album "SONA".

    I shall really appreciate if some one can post chords for this song. If you haven't listen this yet then download it from


    Great voice, simple but great arrangement, a must listen song ...

  2. strings

    strings New Member

    Very nice strumming. makes me remember the song more than words by extreme... Similar pattern and same chords./.

    It plucking of G and C chords..
    I am trying to get the right notes... just wait for sometime... mean while u can try and find out with these chords...
  3. motif_user

    motif_user New Member

    hey Pranay, that was really cool.. chords G and C gels good , Can you please

    post these chords transitions in song..

  4. motif_user

    motif_user New Member

    Can some one please post chords along with words..(to be in sync with the song). It will be great if one can also give idea about strumming pattern..

    Thanks in advance..
  5. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

  6. smitzonian

    smitzonian New Member

  7. motif

    motif New Member

    just one word..........."Beautiful.."

    your voice is also very good...

    It will be great if you can put chords for complete song...

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