1. Asad7950

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    REQ - Aaroh

    Can anybody post the tabs of Aaroh song ZARB

    Wats the situation of Aaroh right now i know that nabeel and schezad have seperated now whose band is more gud nabeels or the other one?????

    But wat happened between them why did the band broke........I bet u that if they had been together they would have toped the industry...rock the music........AAROH RULZ...............
    Same is the case with JAL band


    but now they are also separated so not that much gud but GOHER is superior over Atif in composition where as ATIF is superior on Goher over his VOICE.......

    BUT wat went wrong with AAROH???????????? :rockon: :war: :band:
  2. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    hey dude , pls prefix REQ to your title , it would be easier for other members to understand and you would get your reply quickly , i have already ammended ur title but pls take care next time ..

    chill and enjoy ur self at IGT , i am sure you would get ur reply quick ...
  3. nadish

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    Ne way Zarb is not a song its just a Strumental

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