Aaja PIya... tohe pyaar doon TABS - Bahaaron ke Sapne (1967)

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  1. This is in response to a request from Sabya16594 for the tabs of the song Aaja Piya tohe pyaar doon from the movie Bahaaron ke sapne (1967).
    The song is very dear to me so, tabbed these in an hour after i saw the request.
    The song is one of Pancham da's more romantic numbers with a subtle melody that invokes lost memories :)
    I have not completed the song, but it seems to be in Cmajor key ,I have used the notes A,B,C,D, and E till now.
    I have tabbed the notes on the first 3 frets so that they can be played easily by beginners, though I prefer to use 4-7 frets on B,G and Dstrings myself.

    aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...
    Gori baiyyaan tope vaar doon...

    Kis liye tum, Itna Udaas.... repeat for Sukhe sukhe honth, ankhiyon me pyaas.
    Kis liye.... kis liye...

    Ho... ooo.....

    Repeat Aaja Piya...

    Am really busy for the next month and a half, so will try and tab the Mukhda later on.

    If anyone can complete the mukhda, Please do so.

  2. Sabya16594

    Sabya16594 New Member

    thnx bro!!!! finally got it
  3. my pleasure bro.
  4. Hi Abhilash,
    In continuation to our discussion on playing a song in many ways, Have a look at the tabs of the song above.

    Please do hear the song a couple of times before you try the above tabs, if you are not familiar with this song.

    The first line of this song, when played in C major scale is played as :-
    .....aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...
    ....Gori baiyyaan tope vaar doon...

    The notes used in the above lines are C,D,E.

    Now If we choose to play this song in a higher scale, let us say E major, we will use the first three notes of E major scale i.e. E, F# and G# (instead of C,D,E of C major)it will be played as:-

    .....aaja piya tohe pyaar doon...
    ....Gori baiyyaan tope vaar doon...

    Remember, Notes of C major scale : C, D, E, F, G, A, and B
    Notes of E major scale : E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, and D#

    Both are correct versions. But because the original song is in C major key, it will sound more comfortable in the first version.


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