Aaj Din Chadheya - Love Aaj Kal : An Attempt

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  1. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    Hello Folks !

    Its been a long long long time.. I've been to IGT!!!
    I was getting bored with a flu sore throat and running nose... not swine flu though :D hehe :p:

    hence I recorded something after a while, please excuse me for bad throat and nose in this one but its just a modest attempt I made for the lovely song which I just couldn't resist! :dance:

    Also, I actually sing song in my way and usually dont follow the original song :) just my style to add little from my side :) I hope you like it

    Here is the link!

    Musically Yours...
    Sumant Modak :beer: Flu Flu Go Away!!!!
  2. dudesniper

    dudesniper New Member

    Dude!! you own a really beautiful voice....and you have sung it very nicely..I just loved your voice and the way you have sung it...awesome work..waiting for some more recordings..
    PS: very clear recording.
  3. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    Thanks a lot dudesniper :) will surely start recording from now onwards! :)
  4. antarasb

    antarasb New Member

    good one dude!! u r really a gr8 singer, keep on the gr8 work
  5. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    Thanks antrasb!! :beer:
  6. sanju_just4u

    sanju_just4u New Member

    nice job.....very well done
  7. needless

    needless New Member

    very good...but why does it sound like you are singing in a hall?
  8. sumantmodak

    sumantmodak Musically Yours !!!

    Thanks :)

    hey @needless - its because it has some effects

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