Aagaya vennilave - Arangetra Velai - Chords

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  1. roentgen

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    One of all time fav by IR.
    KJY and Uma Ramanan are great, especially KJY.
    The time signature is unusual I believe (? 6/8 or something like that).
    I remember Gangai Amaran talking about this aspect of the song in some TV show.
    Maybe someone can elaborate on this.

    Aagaa(Am)ya ve(Em)Nilaave tharai meedhu vantha(Am)dhe(Em)no?
    (Em)Azhahaa(Am)na aadai (Em)soodi arangerum velai(Am)tha(Em)no?
    (Em)Malar soodum koontha(Am)le mazhai kaala ma(Em)egamai (C)koo(Em)da
    (Em)Uravadum vizhiha(Am)le iru velli m(Em)eengalai (C)aa(Em)da

    (Am)Devaa(G)ra santham (Em)kondu (D)dhinam paadum thendral (Em)ondru
    (Am)Poovaa(G)ram soodi(Em)kkondu (D)thalai vaasal vantha(Em)dhindru
    (Em)Thenpandi mannan endru (Am6)thirumeni (Em)vanam (D)kandu
    (Em)Madiyeri vaazhum penmai (Am6)padiyEri (Em)vantha(D)dhindru
    (A)Ilanee(D)rum paalum (G)theanum (A)idhazhoram (D)vaanga (G)vendum
    (A)Koduthaal(D)um kaadhal (G)thaabam (A)kuraiyaamal (D)eanga (G)vendum
    (Em)Kadal pondra aasai(Am)yil madal vaazhai m(Em)eani thaan (C)aa(Em)da
    (Em)Nadu saama vezhai(Am)yil nedu neram ne(Em)njame (C)koo(Em)da

    Rajesh :music:
  2. SATHYA167

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    Nice song. Again classical based. I am unable to reply on the chords for the time being. I have set myself time till end of June to do some work on chords. June end because - time is my bigger problem

    You are picking up good songs. keep it up
  3. pearlmaharajan

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    Rajesh... rajesh.. wow wow owowowoow.... I cant say more... awesome, excellent.. perfect thanks.. a ton
  4. Ramsk0408

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    Tabs for this song pls..!! :) :D
  5. vs.suresh

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    Excellent Rajesh.... Thanks a lot.

    Will try today...
  6. deepakramji

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    I think the interludes are alone set to 4 and the rest of the song is in 6/8.
    Blessings to raja sir!

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