Aadat; kyon aaj kal; tu hi meri shab.. Recording..by GW

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  1. gotanibanez

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    Hey Guys this is my first post on this site.. Im hemank From pune.. Im a founder of a car n bike stunt-club called Gravity Warriors . V have all kinda stunters n racers in r club. n the best part is EVERYONE PLAYS MUSIC. so v hav a drummer, two synth's, 3 guitars(acoustic, bass, n electric), n one singer..i've uploaded a few old recordings recently. do check them out n comment.. Ciao...

    Music page:

  2. ganeshgautam

    ganeshgautam New Member

    heard kyon aaj kal, and aadat!!!
    very good work!!!! keep it up!!!
  3. gotanibanez

    gotanibanez New Member

    thx bro....

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