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    Artist: JAL
    Album: Aadat
    Year: 2004

    Track List:
    1) Rangon Mein (4:35)
    2) Lamhay (5:24)
    3) Ik Din Aye Ga (4:18)
    4) Panchi (3:49)
    5) Bikhra Hoon Main (4:00)
    6) Dil Haaray Pukaray (4:47)
    7) Teri Yaad (6:18)
    8) Aadat (4:29)
    9) Manchala (3:45)
    10) Har Jaga Hai Jal (2:51)
    11) Panchi (Instrumental)
    12) Lamhay (Instrumental)

    Goher Mumtaz - Guitars & Vocals
    Farhan Saeed - Lead Vocals
    Shazi - Bass Guitar

    Supported by:
    Pappu(Sultan) - Flute
    Salman Albert & Waqar - Drums

    Written and Composed by: Goher Mumtaz
    Produced At: Xth Harmonics

    JAL... the band formed after the split of 'Atif Aslam' from Goher & Company!
    Atif quickly released an album & Goher had no alternative to launch his own album to counter it!
    Out came 'Aadat'... It has many tracks which you can find in Atif's Album(Jal Pari) too... but surely the work of JAL is quite great!

    Key benefits: The Lead Vocals is extremely great & backed by some super drums play, makes the music really nice to listen!

    So starting from the tracks....
    Rangon Mein (4:35) is an extremely good song with nice drums
    to support!
    Rangon Mein
    Khuwabon Mein
    Hum Sabhi
    as lyrics goes... is perfect!

    Next comes Lamhay (5:24)...
    Quite a famous song now... Atif has his own version & which has been
    included in recently released movie 'Zeher'! Though Atif's version has that 'dard' in his voice... the over all music isnt good to backup! JAL's version of 'Lamhay' is quite different, good to listen & clearly steals the show! It has good powerful Guitars backed with nice rhythmatic drums! A must listen!

    Further comes, Ik Din Aye Ga (4:18) ... This song shows real talent of JAL! A addictive song, which you would like to listen again & again!
    keh dilrona nahin
    yeh khaab adhooray nahin
    yeh armaan saray teray

    It has strong lyrics & another must listen!

    Next is Panchi (3:49)...
    It has good music, strong lyrics & an overall nice song!
    Panchi hoon
    Urnai Do
    Fizaaon main.

    Features different beats & unique pitch levels!

    Bikhra Hoon Main (4:00)... is definately my fav! You can call its 'Aadat 2'... but the lead startup of the song is so nice!
    And then, of course backed with superb guitars & drums!
    mana bikhra hoon mein abhi
    mein nay khaab thay roay thay
    teri saanson mein gum hoon abhi
    meri chaahat abhoori hai

    Strong lyrics & Farhan's voice was a true treat in this song! All in all.. a Rocking Song!!

    Next comes...Dil Haaray Pukaray (4:47)
    Keh DIL hareee pukaree TUJHEEEEEEEEEEEE
    Man jaa raeee MANA leee MUJHEEEEEEEEEE
    Keh DIL hareee pukaree TUJHEEEEEEEEEEEE

    A nice song with excellent lyrics! Goher's voice added a icing to the cake...Drums in this song have been really nice! A pleasant song to listen!

    Further isTeri Yaad (6:18)...
    The coolest & cutest song in Aadat's Track list...
    teri yaad
    aa-ay jub mujh ko
    mein laut aa-on ga
    wo bheegi raath
    aur baarish huay

    Nice lyrics & has soft music!
    The flute maestro 'Pappu' did an excellent job in this song!
    Definately my fav & a must listen track!

    Aadat (4:29)... The song which started all! There are nearly 3-4 versions of this song available... few by Atif Aslam!
    But the version of JAL definately rocks in terms of Music!
    najane kab se .umeedein kuch baki hain
    mujhe phir bhi teri yaad kiun aati hai
    ab to adat si hai mujhkoooo
    aise jiney mein

    Definately this song scores in all departments!
    Strong meaningful lyrics, backed with excellent Guitars & Drums!
    An addictive song indeed!
    And if you looking for that 'dard'.. 'kasak awaaz mein'.. then you would definately like to hear Atif's version! Its best in voice quality!

    Next was Manchala (3:45)...
    This song was a surprise package in the album! It didnt looked like JAL's style... instead it reminded of Junoon!
    Heavy Bass Guitars & quite a fast song!
    Nevertheless.. a nice song to listen!

    And last one Har Jaga Hai Jal (2:51).. is a song to put an perfect ending to the album!
    bhooloon ga mein
    na kabhi yeh pal
    manzilain saam nay
    tu sung chal
    har jagah hai jal

    Weak lyrics & supported well by its music...
    But you may feel its half a song....& doesnt last long enough!
    But nevertheless... its a nice end to the album

    Next comes two Instrumental versions of 'Lamhay' & 'Panchi'!
    Features good Acoustic Guitars & Drums to listen!

    So, 'Aadat' an 53mins album is surely worth the money to invest in!
    Well, its still not released in India, but JAL lovers can definately get all the music from Internet! PM me for further details! Whenever its released, i am surely getting this one!

    Rating: *****
    Best Songs: Lamhay, Ik Din Aye Ga, Bikhra Hoon Main, Dil Haaray Pukaray, Teri Yaad, Aadat

    IGTians to Watch Out: DesiPride143, 'dp' we call him, plays 'Aadat' extremely great! Catch him sometime on Yahoo & he would be glad to play it for you!

    1)Aadat_Lyrics.txt (Features all Lyrics except the 'Panchi' song)
    2)Album_Cover.jpg (The Album cover for Aadat)
    3)Jal1.jpg (Featuring the Trio Band Members in Action)
    4)Jal2.jpg (Featuring the Trio from 'Ik Din Aye Ga' Song)
    5)Jal_Wallpaper.jpg (A Wallpaper by JAL dedicated MSN Group)


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    Good job Zoom. I was actually trying to find out more about these guys. I've heard a lot about them. Well done!
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    an extremely complete review that also give an introduction to band and their style.You cant ask for more
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    excellent review ...hey zoom why dont you take this thing seriuosly ...you can write for online mags or something ...u really have that knack.
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    Zoom you have a flair for writing alright, thats one detailed review. Keept it up, repping you!!

    Sharukh@ Zoom's articles frequent the local Times of India newspaper. They even printed an article regarding some of his achievements.
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    one thing...u really liked this album....
    man u really did ur homework on the band....good review...kinda funny commenting on a review...knda like reviewing a review.....quiet indepth........and detailesd.....
    great job man...more reivews please :p:
  7. atthanii

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    great job zoomingrocket.....please do write more reviews...waiting for more from you..maybe EP next?...hmmm..
  8. zoomingrocket

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    @atthanii: I am getting all songs of 'Irtiqa' album by EP..... So expect a review regarding it soon!

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    cooool!! didnt know that! ...go zoooooom
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    kewl....i have da whole album :p: lolz...but i just wanna hear it from your point of view.....i think da freakin Album is da bomb....i have heard da bloody CD like 500 times already... :shock: no jokes..heheheh
  11. jayswami

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    i saw the pics.. so this band jAl has no drummer?
    they use a session drummer or a drum machine??
  12. JAZZ

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    nice review ............
  13. zoomingrocket

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    @jayswami: This are the drummers from the studio 'Xth Harmonics' where the album was produced! I hope u read that

  14. Taifi

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    yeah salman albert and waqas ali khan r the two drummist from eP. they help jal and also other bands suck as 'call' and 'roxen'. salman albert played the drums for aadat in the atif version
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    reps 4 zoom :grin:

    EDIT: sprd sum reps :eek::
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    the album rocks!...simple as that.
    and a nice review too!
    cant wait for calls debut! :cool:
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    goood revieww
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    nice review..hey w8ing for E.P review plzzzzz dun forget!!!!
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    zoom, the correct lyrics of 'Bikhra Hoon Main' are...

    "mana bikhra hoon main abhi
    maine khawab piroay thay"

    My favourite tracks are...

    Bikhra Hoon Main
    Dil Haray
    Rangon Main

    Farhan's voice in Aadat sux! Atif ki baat hi kuch aur hai.
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    zoom bhai u Rock

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