Aadat Guitar Lesson *Complete* 3 Versions!

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  1. alaba

    alaba New Member

    Hey I am posting a lesson on how to Play Aadat by Atif Aslam/Jal

    Chords are : Cm B A

    Strumming Progression goes Like D-UUD (mute)...D-UUD

    Power Chords Are same Cm B A

    In Intro make Cm and take your middle finger off and hit strings 5434--234234234234
    repeat the same with your middle finger on b string!

    Refer To the VIDEO TUTORIAL for any doubts :


    Thank You!

  2. aniketpataskar

    aniketpataskar New Member

    its C#m and nt Cm (may b a typo)
    the chord u r playing by takin off the finger is C#sus2
  3. alaba

    alaba New Member

    Thanks Aniket .. yeah that was a Typo.. did a COY PASTE thing ..
    and yes u are correct it was C#sus2 .. but using such fancy names actually scares a newbie .. so I preferred the easiest of language in the video to make things clear and easy!

  4. neetu2805

    neetu2805 New Member

    When the strumming starts it plays G#m sus, C#m and A7th :)

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