Aadat Chords

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  1. meet_shiraz

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    Hi guys,i am new to the guitar world and would like to know Aadat chords by Jal/Atif at a lower scale than the original....i.e. lower scale than C#m,B and A....Please Help....Thanks.....
  2. abhimanjrekar

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    hey shift the chords by frets below..say for C..get it one fret below and same for other...use tht wich suits ur pitch..
  3. Rajrocks

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    Hey dude,

    I have heard the cover version of Dosti ( Junoon ) by Atif Aslam and he ends teh song by singing Adat and it sounds great.
    You can use Am C F G to play Aadat but the singing should be in lower pitch than normal
  4. arjunshounak

    arjunshounak New Member

    hey dont worry dude the chords are G#m F#m and Am and again F#m
  5. manishjhumroo

    manishjhumroo New Member

    c#minor sabse best hai is gane ke liye aur agar scale neeche karo tob minor kar lo b minor a major g major maja khatam ho jata hai g #minor pe
  6. meet_shiraz

    meet_shiraz New Member

    Thanx a lot to everyone 4 helping me out
  7. jim4u18

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    aadat song na by jal ya Cm Bb G# Bb read the post for scale transformatoin its very easy u want lower scale just try singing in a scale n transform the chords if u r newbie n wanna play in open chords then Dm C Bb C very easy to play
  8. jawadkibilli

    jawadkibilli New Member

    yar adat chords are c# Bmaj Amaj and then Bmaj ok all of ur chords r wrong ok

    c# bmaj . amaj. bmaj
  9. jawadkibilli

    jawadkibilli New Member

    adat chords

    yar these r lamhe chords the adat chords r c# bmaj amaj ok
  10. anshphenomenon

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