Aaadat Unplugged my cover ( Pls comment )

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  1. ~Emperor~

    ~Emperor~ New Member

    Hi all ,

    This is mya ttempt at Aadat's cover. Lol i know ..i know... so many covers.

    AADAT Unplugged
    lo-fi URL:
    hi-fi URL:

    but lsiten to it and let me know if its kewl. I recorded it on my laptop so you may not find the quality to be all that great but it should be pleasant to hear , i wud like beleive.

    Also , just wondering if there is/are anybody/people in Delhi looking to forma band with hindi pop rock ( if u will!!) like the genere` of Jal , the call , raeht n stuff. Iam into vocals , play a bit of guitar and have around 10 song compositions of my own.

    holla back at me on : ; if u r on the same page as me on the band stuff. :)
  2. FEB31

    FEB31 New Member

    Good job. You are probably 1000000000000000001 th IGTian to cover this one. Liked your voice. Please consider reducing Delay/Reverb/Echo a bit (especially effects of guitar) next time you record this song.

    Way to go ~~
  3. mubeen_rocks

    mubeen_rocks New Member

    shru main song was k but ending main tum ney adequatelee naheen khencha aur ab tu adat k bad tum ney kuch gaya hee naheen ending k bagheir ye gana udhoora hai mainay akser adat k covers main yey bat dekhee hai ya tu ending flat kertey hain log ya gatey hee naheen hain..over alll not baD!!!

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