A tribute

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    I have a list of songs depending on my mood: metal, blues, super-senti stuff, etc..
    So a few years back, probably the worst time in my life, there were a few songs that I'd listen to all the time.
    A tribute to those songs..
    This is more of a dwelling into human nature. How I kind of forgot about them once I had recovered, it's not just about songs though. There are a few people I owe apologies and regards to..

    A tribute

    There was a song a long time back,
    a song that gave me company.
    Filling up all that I lacked,
    with its deep, morose sentiments.

    In all earnest, I never did it justice,
    and plugged in to it all night long.
    Enthralled by its harmonious resonance,
    occassionally humming along.

    Slowly but steadily, times did change,
    and with new emotions, came new verses.
    Still it lies there in my list,
    buried, forgotten and unreciprocated.

    I listened to you again, today,
    though I wasn't in the mood.
    It reminded me to thank you again,
    an unappreciated, regular moment of epiphany.
    Who knows I might need it again,
    a song that gave me company.
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    @Admin, it feels good to be back, but you still didn't get rid of this god-awful eye-blinding theme..
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    i like this poem!
    its simple..

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