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Discussion in 'Music Talk' started by esgallindeion, Aug 3, 2004.

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    Its a short film starring the bards, about a kingdom where the king has to authorize any music before it can be played. The bards bring their music to the king and the king asks them to perform 4 tasks to be allowed to play thier music. The bards succeed and in the final showdown hansi kills the king. Funny.

    Its in german, and I have attached an english transcript of the dialogues in this post...

    This movie and transcript has been made available to you due to the kind efforts of fellow BG fans (Aragorn | Robert), (Bright_Eyes), (Curufin), (Veged) from the blind guardian forum apart from those who actually made it and the bards of course..


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  2. tejas

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    Nice work man. But i don't have the patience to download a 104 MB file. I'll just read the transcript.
  3. esgallindeion

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    haha... the transcript sucks... i loved the movie when i saw it in german without understanding what they were saying..
  4. jayanth

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    Cool sdtuff...
  5. esgallindeion

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    Hmm... i can see this forum lacks BG fans... where's demonstealer these days?
  6. jayanth

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    Playing Concerts i guess..

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