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  1. tunecomposer

    tunecomposer New Member

    Guys....my ambition i would say is to score music for hollywood movie. With limited tools(1 keyboard, 1 voice recorder, windows movie maker) i have created 26 variety of tunes and posted at


    Trust me, I have got lot of feedback to improve the sound quality. This is something i am going to focus next. I will buy new software/HWs and attend classes to do it.

    Meanwhile, if you have any comments on my composition, feel free to post it.
  2. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    somewhere in between it sounds like a war movie background score..then a sci fi movie...and then i dont know...not so sure if i love it,...but its a good attempt i guess...keep posting..
  3. tunecomposer

    tunecomposer New Member

    Can you give me context like which tune you listened?. I have composed 26 tunes targeting wide audience...from teens to old age..Appreciate your feedback.

    Pls listen to others if you get a chance. You may like atleast one :).
  4. guitarist_gal1

    guitarist_gal1 New Member

    i heard the last one...i will listen to all...im very sure i ll like some... :)

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