A Song and a Letter

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    Monica, 'nother sad one for you!...
    the title could as well be: Mourn and swallow, but I got confused......

    Sometimes I cry alone at night,
    Don't you notice my wet pillow?
    Sometimes I just keep looking at you,
    Don't you notice my eyes mellow?

    The words I composed for you,
    A sweet song giving joy and comfort.
    And a letter I wrote for you,
    Lost somewhere in your closet.

    The song you had rejected,
    my world you had deserted.
    The letter you had torn,
    with a contemptful scorn.

    To live alone, for me
    required impeccable audacity.
    At times my mind wandered,
    into our togetherness and serenity.

    Remembering the times we had shared,
    I feel my heart going empty,
    light and weightless,
    wandering into dark space.
    At times I want to run,
    Up high, into the bright sun.

    I still cry alone at night,
    You are'nt here to see my wet pillow.
    I still keep looking in space,
    My tears, I mourn and swallow.
  2. wow ..... this ws wounderfull
    reps added
  3. horsesmouth

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    hey, thanks, dat was sweeet of u!
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    nice poem bro........reminded of my bad times...........
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    thats an awesome poem again!!!!!!
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    superb dude........reps added!
    you're nice!

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