A seriously Noobish Question !!

Discussion in 'Beginner's Q&A Forum' started by indyeah, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. indyeah

    indyeah New Member

    Hey guy's,

    How do you read tabs, I mean is their a definite pattern to understand it? Can anyone explain it to me with a example?

    Also, once you see the tabs, how do you realize the strumming pattern?

    I know, this question is way too dumb, but hey I am a NOOB at guitar ! so I can get away with it .
  2. mishigun

    mishigun New Member

    @ indyeah....

    Its really very easy to read guitar tabs... basically there are 2-3 ways you will find the tabs written basic and most popular ways (which is also used at IGT by most of the users) is something like...


    the reading of this will go something like the Sin Wave... if you are not aware of that it goes like .... Starts from left side 12th fret to 14th fret then again 12th fret than on 9th fret on G string then 11th fret on same string than again on B String 9 the frat and so on... as simple as Sin Wave [;)]....

    And understanding strumming pattern goes with the Rythem of the song... there are few basic rhythems that you can find on internet with which you can practice....but i do not suggest this way.. i would prefer listen the song and play with the rythem of the song...Hope this post will help you out... any other confusion or problem post it here...[;)]and we will try to sort out your prob..
  3. indyeah

    indyeah New Member

    Awesome!! Thanks for the explaination mishigun.

    I was just looking through the Hindi Guitar Tab Section and I couldn't figure this out.

    Tumko paya hai to jaise khoya hun
    Kahena chahun vi to tumse kiya kahun
    Kisi jaba mey vi, who labso hi nehi
    ke jin may tumho kiya tumhe bata saku

    What does Fm mean? , do we need a certan chord pattern for this or any song?.

    How is a chord different from a tab?
  4. sam#3

    sam#3 The Lucifer

    Fm is F minor chord.... A chord is polyphonic, tabs are monophonic... I mean when u play a chord, u strum a whole set of notes... The notes are held by a specific formation of yr fingers which form a chord. chords are strummed in a rhythm.
    Tabs is like playing one note at a time, it can be the melody of sond, interlude, solo etc.
    So, vaguely, chords fall in rhythm section n tabs in leads.
    If u can undstand it here, its gud, or refer to youtube fr lessons... Videos will help u in undstanding this thing.
  5. indyeah

    indyeah New Member

    Geez! Thanks ... I now know the difference between the two. But how do you play a major/minor tab?
  6. distorted

    distorted satan

    get a chords buk... It will explain u hw to play chords... Or surf fr sum tutorials... Its quite impossible to xplain this thing here...

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