a river runs trough

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  1. She said there are two sides, one called “shaadi” and other “acquaintance”
    & there exists nothing between them, so called
    and I couldn’t understand, If one draws two sides so close
    Then wont the two sides merge, Making both of them the same.. anyhow

    As a lover as a friend wanted-not, her to be tensed
    I dint wanted this to end,
    With her trying to fight Her know

    From that day till now
    Never told her how
    Between us whatever grew
    Is still swimming and that’s true
    that between the lines that she drew
    a river runs trough
    between the lines you she drew
    a river runs trough


    ..poetry is soo outdated thing ..i feel shy telling smone i wrote it for u !!!
  2. ..plz read the word trough as "through"

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