A Question Which Is Boggling Me???(i Think My Q Is A Little Complicated To Undersatnd

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  1. firefive21

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    I Know What A "C" Chord Is & What A "D" Chord Is,i Mean I Know What A Chord Is I Want To Know How A Chords Were Formed Invented How The Name "C" "D" Or "F" Was Derived,i Jus Wanna Know This So That I Can Create My Own Chords,i Just Hope U Guys Understand What I Mean And Thank U In Advance ..
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    refer sticky threads in guitar lessons and Beginner's Q&A forum.
    There is a similiar thread already on the same topic @ http://www.indianguitartabs.com/showthread.php?t=29760.

    let me know if this is what you meant by your question. :)
  3. firefive21

    firefive21 New Member

    Hey Buddy Thanx , Il Read The Whole Theory And If Any Probs Il Post It Then,thanx Again

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