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    I was going through some scale related tutorials and came across a few fretboard maps for them. I will base my question on the one that i am copying below

    1st Position (Lydian)

    Its a Cmaj scale shape in 4th form. (i can be wrong at ne place so plz correct me in that case ).

    Now as visible from the fret positions the High E and low E have a 5 fret fingering needed. Though its not very difficult but why cant i play the open A and not play the 5th fret A on High E which will help me play the whole scale in the 4 fret box and will not require me to move too much ( I dont need to play the 5th fret newhere why cant i move them to the next open strings ). Also why am i playing the notes FGABCDEFGA while playing a Cmaj scale in a mode that starts with F when i should be playing something like may be FGABCDEF.

    Generalizing the question ( Cant say for sure ) Isnt it possible to play most of the places where there is a 5 fret stretch by moving of string and play withing 4 frets. If yes why its not done like that.

    Hope i am clear with my question as i have just started with scales and i am still trying to get the boxes sketched in my mind.

    Thanks for the help to whoever gives time to go through this and didn't call me stupid.

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    thanks for the link it sure looks like having some good explanations.

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