A picture daubed with blood!

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    (Just gave a try.....Forgivme if it's that bad :D)

    A beautiful picture
    Hangs on the wall
    the wall,
    border between two lands
    The lands ,
    used to be one single land
    and the families
    inhabiting the land
    used to be a single family
    But then this wall was built
    Back to the picture-
    The picture, a chef-d`oeuvre
    by an anonymous artist
    no one knows if she belongs to
    this side or that side
    The dwellers on this side
    say the picture was sketched by their artist
    while the dwellers on the other side
    claim similarly
    Then start -
    foul words intended at wives, mothers, sisters
    brawl , fight, leading to bloodshed
    and the picture frame
    is daubed red with blood..
    just like a dozen such pictures
    that lay on this wall,

    (dedicated to all the Indian and Pakistani Youtube members who necessarily bring Irrelevant Indo-Pak issue filled with extreme hatred, in every video which is not related to the bilateral issue at all)
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    i love it..!

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