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Discussion in 'The ChitChat Lounge' started by vini, Jun 29, 2005.

  1. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    OK..its all about Human Perceptions i.e, we have five senses — sight, smell, sound, taste, and touch ..and my idea is that v will share these fave perecption of ours as well as the ones we dislike>>

    iL start with mine :p:

    fave- the color of sky before the dawn is about to break
    -smile of my 5 month old niece

    disliked- to see a loved one cry

    fave -my perfume nafnaf
    -smell of mud on a rainy day
    -sum nice fried delicacy as well..maybe

    disliked-garbage dumps' stench
    -at gasoline stations

    fave-any of my fave song
    -chuckle of a baby

    disliked - a blackboard being scratched with nails..aaarggh
    the ones u get to hear while having ur MRI done..gosh!

    fave-chocolate syrup
    -sweetnsour soup

    disliked - pulao or khichdi
    -lime wedge

    err..this one is tricky..no fave as such but disliked could be rubbing against a sand paper..maybe!..lol

    alright... that will be all! :) now its time for u guys to share abt ur senses..i always wanted to start such a thread..its oh so different ps - if u just cant stop laughing after reading this thread..then hold it..u need not post here :p: if u find it intriguing..then lets hear it from u :)

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  2. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    i guess mine wud follow the following order
    skin is the largest sense organ with the most varied plethora of stimuli

    sight..cudve been one....but am color blind so that kinda rules it out...but the sight of a certain people does make my pupils dilate wide:shock:

    a big one for me, coz i can usually smell people, by that i mean people people not their deos :p: so ya, at times when i pick up a tee which was worn by my *ahem* i get all marshmellow-y inside:eek::

    important very important......cudnt imagine living without hearing certain voices, or the sound of the electric guitar

    all the lovely foods...........and the people ;)
  3. death angel

    death angel the messenger from hell

    love:skulls: love em like anything

    hate: the "butterfly" gals they are so irritating (that goes for all ma senses)

    love: distortion guitar (yeah iknow it sounds super lame(my love for distortion guitars) but well I LOVE IT)

    hate: a loud stinky burp? or maybe an ultra loud fart?

    love: Dhania (coriander leaves) tadka (dunno its english translation) in terms of perfumes TRUTH

    hate: see 'SOUND'

    love: the list is endless (im a BIG foodie)

    hate: baigan(brinjals), tomatoes

    love: lizard skin (the roughness is somehow "soothing")

    hate: snail slime
  4. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    hmm...nice thread....innovative one....ok here r my answers...

    fav-underwater in da swimmin pool watch da rain dros wen its rainin heavily.....
    to see a baby cry....dont call me a sadist but i think it looks cute...

    dislike-kachra on da road....beggers (esp kids)....

    fav--rajma...and cake (wen its gettin baked)....
    petrol...smthin makes me luv it...


    fav--ne of ma fav songs (obviously)......
    thunders in da sky.....
    sounds of waves crashin on da wall of ma society's garden...esp durin night...

    dislike---children shoutin...askin dumb ques again nd again.....auto rikshaw....

    fav--da three Cs chicken, cheese, chocolate.....
    ghar ka khana....esp rajma chawal.....garam garam pakodas/samosas on a rainy evening...
    karela....fruit custard...n mny more things

    dislike--mango...yea i hate da taste...nd sm crappy vegetables....lauki....bhindi....tinde...yuck

    fav--wen ma mom puts oil in ma hair....and smmore nt wrth mentionin coz its an open forum :)

    dislike--wen ma cell vibrates...i hate it....
    animals.....most of them....

    woah....dats my longest post till date..i guess....cud hav written more but no time.....
  5. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    @daaktur..urs is truly different and scientifically oriented..wot else :D

    waitin 2c more more more..c'mmon ev1
  6. nebuchadnezzar

    nebuchadnezzar G34r G33k

    Sprawling natural sceneries,say, the view from high up on a hill.....cute kids and animals...


    Guitar,of course!love bluesy elec guitar sounds but have a soft spot for the acoustic too..:).....

    Long and loud burps,continuous pounding machinery,loud shrieky people....

    Jeera roasting,any good food(aroma is very important for taste),musk...

    fish.meat, garbage,public toilets

    all my favourite foods...

    green vegetables:p:,plain milk

    hate:hard pointy legged bug crawling on my skin...
  7. ssslayer

    ssslayer Banned

    hills, snow, brook

    dont like gory details ...

    the sound of a running water over small rocks/pebbles

    hate screechy sounds - that includes some kinda metal distortion sounds - and of course the nails/chalk piece on black board thing ...

    love women's perfume, most of 'em, gasoline, nail polish remover / paint thinner

    dont like moist/damp smell, H2S, stench of putrefied substances

    Beer: altho it tastes yuckk in the begining ... , menthol, salt

    dont like taste of most of the medicines ...

    Baby's skin, girl's caress, teflon

    dont like creepy crawlies (so prominent in monsoons)

    hmmm this thread is not crappy ... in fact it is gr8 ... wow!
  8. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    thanx! :)

  9. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    fav:: my gf

    hated:: my chemistry teacher

    fav:: smell of mud afer rain in desert area

    hated:: smell of dead animals encountered some times on highway!!!

    fav::my gf's voice
    .....:: ma guitar
    .....::gud songs

    hated::the sound of my bike not starting (bhrrrrrr..bhrrrrrrrrr)

    fav::any gud food


    fav:: my gf

    hatred:: s.hit ;)
  10. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

    - rainbow
    - water front
    - forest ( greenery )
    - sunset
    - children playin
    - open clear & blue sky

    - first rain
    - hot chocolate
    - vanilla
    - when i am hungry , to smell the food whats cookin :grin:

    - guitar strings
    - wind chimes ( i loves them , i ve got plenty of them hangin in my balcony )

    - vintage old wine ( white ) , preferably german
    - tonic + gordons
    - cherry
    - strawberry
    - chocolates , prefer wine or bitters.

    - wet grass
    - dry sand on the beach

    hate list comin up latter :p:

    nice one vini , wanted to give u some reps , cant do - i think i ve given u enuf before :p:

    manage with some points to you :)
  11. DrSaurabh

    DrSaurabh Wh@+s Up D0C

    was expecting this:grin:
  12. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    yuuucckkk.....wen do u touch dat...
  13. bob-bobby

    bob-bobby Extinct or Banned!

  14. Menon

    Menon New Member

    +Ever seen the shafts of light through dark clouds?
    +Smoke in flouroscent lighting
    +Well presented dishes..(not necessarily food)
    +Pretty girl sleeping
    -Early Morning Defecators
    -People leaving

    +Single Malts
    +The Sea
    -Public Loos
    -Body Odor
    -Liars(I can seriously smell the turds!!Oops no pun intended)
    -Arab Perfume

    +Wine n Cheese
    +Single Malts
    +Unni Appams(This amazing little dumpling they make in Kerala..you oughta try it)
    +Meat(Not necessarily the kind you eat)
    +Bitter Choc
    +Real Vanilla
    +Hot gheewala rotis with kaali daal
    +Lip Gloss
    -Soggy Cereal
    -My own medicine

    +Their Hair
    +Fried Fish
    +Guitar Strings
    -Rusted Taps
    +Phone Banking Credit Alert
    -Skin against Balloons
    -Hip Hop
    -Loud ppl

    There's lots more..btw cypher...tadka is termed tempering...
    Nice thread though

  15. cYpHeR

    cYpHeR Banned

    dude...mistake...dat ws nt me but death angel askin da meanin of tadka...lol
  16. Menon

    Menon New Member

    Hehe..sorry Dude..I stand corrected!!
  17. somendra_guitar

    somendra_guitar New Member

    man u touch that every mornin.........be practical
  18. sanat_satan

    sanat_satan New Member

    whats tonic ?
  19. Mudit Malhotra

    Mudit Malhotra BLOODY FINGERED

    fav: cute babies with thr mom ,,,,,,,, now dont ask me wat i like babies or moms lol
    hat: poor hungry kids on roads

    Fav: music ne kinda
    Hat: scrachin of ne rough thing and tearin paper

    Fav : Archies uxar perfume, food of my home, garlic bread @ Dominoes;
    hat: Mcd truck takin garbage yuck

    Fav: Pastry a gud pineapple pastry, mutton,garluic bread dominoes, McD`s mayoniese
    Hat: PALAK :-s
    Fav : my love`s hairs
    hat: cold water in chill winters

    do i hav nethin xtra oridinary ?
  20. vini

    vini Repeat Offender

    @cypher he said he touched..what did u do to say yuck ??? heheheh..bad joke!!..jk :grin:


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