A Little Piece of Flotsam

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    A little piece of flotsam
    floated slowly past by
    on a river with all of them
    All slowly passing by.

    As it drifted slowly along,
    some disquiet in it crept
    real came staight, imagination oblong
    " How long had I slept?"

    Hey, Hold on, What's all this going on?
    How come I'm drifting away?
    Is it noon, or night, or dusk, or dawn?
    Stop all this stuff, I say!

    I was a beautiful piece of puzzle
    fitting beautifully in a beautiful jigsaw,
    Everthing was right, so perfect
    Then why now everthing raw?

    And now, where am I?
    Among all these flotsams
    why am I slowly drifting by
    pass these, pass those, pass them?

    Well, I guess I'll find a new puzzle
    and fit cozily right in.
    That's all required, its so simple
    now the world can continue it's spin.

    But to the little flotsam, no one told
    that a piece from a puzzle fit no other.
    That it wasn't a piece of sparkling gold
    Or a song so sweet, a fair so feather.

    And it did, this unpolished gem
    Try settle in, to atleast try.
    A little piece of flotsam
    floating slowly past by.

    --- I know it's not exactly intense and rich, but poetry is expression, right?
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    Really nice stuff. Missed it somehow before, now Im glad I found it. Its really good. Keep writing and keep posting.
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    Very nice indeed, good rep coming your way!
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    Good stuff Rev:)
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    Thanks guys........for being so polite.
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    cho chweet
    rep for rev..from me too :)

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    Thanx! It's a surprise....but thank you so much anyway.

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