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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by silentassassin, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    I am from Kolkata and I am new to this site. I need some help from the pros about an electric guitar.
    I intend to buy a CORT EVL Z4..... cost 22K
    I play hard rock, soft rock, punk, glam rock, blues, and many more
    But is this guitar good?
    I checked it has got EMGHZ humbackers....I never heard about it so need a little help.......
    But this is for future........
    I also intend to buy a new guitar within a month selling my Givson Lead 1, my budget for this guitar is 12K..... I found Avion AV1 to be around 12000.....
    But is it good for the genre I play???
    Thanks for your help.....And also SORRY for making it so big......:)
  2. 6stringer

    6stringer New Member

    CORT is decent but for rock and Roll you should be checking out ESP for that price and they come with EMG active pickups which are far better and also with a locking floyd rose tremolo system.
  3. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    Thanks 6stringer... Do you know of any decent ESP models thats within the prie range of 22K...
  4. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    dnt buy an esp at tat range.check out the ibanez 2009 series... nd greg bennet av3/6 r also other gud options
  5. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    I checked out the Ibanez 20009 series.....
    I got following guitar and amplifier to fit my budget.... a little help about which one i should go for...

    Ibanez GRX170DX
    Ibanez GR120
    Ibanez ART series
    or Avion AV3

    Roland Cube 15
    Marshall Cube 15
  6. zak*wylde

    zak*wylde New Member

    dont buy 50 series esp guitars(like M50) , they are not gud....nd the higher level esp guitars sound gud in either metal or blues genre
    check out some ibanez guitars, u might like them
  7. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    the guitars u hav shortlisted r all quiet gud imo .well i hav tried the 170dx nd av3..of which i found d later one better..bt tats me.u shud try out all of them n then decide.
  8. thepacifist2013

    thepacifist2013 V.I.P Member

    To answer a part of your original question, the EMG HZ series is a passive humbucker series made by EMG. EMG is quite famous for producing high end pickups, most of which have been used by famous players like Mustainbe, Zakk Wylde etc etc.

    If it only comes to humbuckers, I'd say EMG is a good choice.
  9. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    Thanks guys...........
    I would like to go with a good guitar right now....
    Guitars with EMG, DiMarzio or Duncan pick-ups costs above 20K or something...
    I think I will replace the stock pick-ups with either DiMarzio or EMG81/85(active) later.... not sure yet which 1 i should go for....
    but still a little confused about what guitar to go for...
    Does AV3 come with Duncan pick-ups like AV6?
    and which amp would be better?-Marshall MG15CDR or Roland Cube 15x?
  10. thedisciple

    thedisciple New Member

    ^av3- duncan designed(nt sure wat it means)..nd regarding definitely go for the roland(minus the reverb ofcourse) bt wat d heck .
  11. silentassassin

    silentassassin New Member

    Thanks guys....
    I guess I will check some guitars in the shops and figure out what guitar to get...
    I wonder what to go for Ibanez, Greg Bennett or Epiphone.....
    anyone know about Ibanez GAX70...
    any reviews on the guitar?
    is it available in India?

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