a letter to mom....

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  1. astroguru26

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    Mom,please dont go away
    Leaving away dad
    After long years of being togther...

    And making me feel as orphan as well
    Plz dont leave me too....

    The pride in your eyes
    while holding me as newborn
    along with dad still i can see
    in the snap which got broken when
    you throw the things before leaving the house

    The marriage vows which you both had taken is
    asking you to keep promises,
    to keep you to come back to live togther
    please dont hate me as well...

    Please come back
    The life being without mother
    has made me worthless too...

    dont go this way leaving the mark
    on my innocence and crushing it forever...
    please ..please have mercy on your daughter as well
    dont punish your bunny..

    dad treated me as alien
    and threw me out of house saying to go with you
    then cried holding me in his arms

    i have never seen dad crying
    the way i have seen.....
    dad still loves you that he said to me.....believe me..
    plz come back now....

    after so many years
    emotions has not left his heart and still he loves you....
    there is always a place for you.....

    mom,dont let me cry too
    as i cannot survive without you both...
    i dont want to know why you left
    but you always said that
    everything is possible when a person tries to do...
    nothing is impossible...

    mom ,then let do it again
    we ..togther.....you and dad
    will try ....
    promise i will not disturb you and make you angry....
    please come back.....

    i dont want to curse you
    all the time in these growing years
    for the pain i am getting being linked to you ..
    i cannot ask the death
    for the feeling that i am going in my life now
    ...mom you can come and stop that
    feeling to grow and
    dont want myself to be hated and known as daughter of you....

    dad still loves you
    and you as well.....

    dont hate your bunny,
    come hold me in your arms
    waiting for you
    along with dad on the door of our sweet home...

    i know you will come
    you always said ..everything is possible
    and i always believed you

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  2. #iR@


    wow.... one HAS to go through all this to be able to rite so well about such a topic... but if u didnt(which i hope) dis is some great work! :)

    just THINKING about ma mom leaving nearly kills me... :eek::
  3. astroguru26

    astroguru26 New Member

    thanks for appreciation....
  4. fairandlovely

    fairandlovely peeka-boo

    I disagree that you have to go through something to be able to write about it even in a case like this.

    The idea is heart breaking but I feel you havent done a good enough job writing this. In my opinion just the plight of the girl makes this special and not your words. This doesnt mean that I dont like this just that it could have been better.
  5. ocean_11

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    very sweet lines very sweet words u have wrote 10/10 marks.
    if some one read this heartdly the tears come to his eyes automatically

    very nice.jitni taref ki jaaye kam hai

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