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    We all know that for every open fret, the fifth fret of the above string gives the same frequency (except for the 3rd string which gives the frequency of the 2nd string with the 4th fret).
    I want to know that if I tune my fat E string to any arbitrary frequency(not E) and tune the other strings in accordance with that, will my guitar be properly tuned? The 5th fret of every string certainly will be tuned with each other, but would I get correct notes for all frets and open frets as well? I hope I made myself clear.
    Please help.
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  2. death_metal_fan

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    Well No.

    If you have the low E string tuned to D and you tune the rest of the strings to it, you will get D Tuning or in other words your guitar will be tuned to D (one whole step down from standard)

    Standard tuning looks like this
    E A D G B e

    So D Tuning is like this
    D G C F A d

    It just gives a slightly heavier sound to your music. Many artists (Children Of Bodom) use D tuning instead of standard tuning.

    Similarly your guitar can also be tuned to C or any other note and you will get different notes on the other strings.

    Note: D tuning is COMPLETELY different from Drop-D tuning. Drop-D only tunes down 1 string whereas D tuning requires tuning down of all the strings.
  3. Bandbaaja

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    i think his question was when he doesnt have a pitchpipe or a keyboard or a tuner, how does one tune the FAT E?
    yeah well if u tune the fat E to an arbitary note and tune the other strings to that, it means that your guitar is TUNED
    but it is not tuned to STANDARD PITCH.

    so if u take this guitar and try to learn a song from tape, lets say bheege honth tere, there are chances that as per your guitar it is in E or F, and you may learn the chords in that scale. And when someday someone gives you a standard tuned guitar, u will play bheege honth in E or F and if the singer tries to sing it, it will be a real MURDER !!!!
    because the original is much lower in the scale of D
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  4. neologik

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    well u can actually tune ur guitar to ne thing u want if u r playing alone and then change ur singing accordingly. it's not tht difficult.
    if ur in a group all must atleast have the same tuning even if it's not correct.
    this is cause in ne tuning chord n note progressions will sound simillar.
    however if u want actual tuning to EADGBE u can use computer softwarez like Guitar Pro 4 (to tune by ear) or Guitar FX Box or other tuners to connect ur guitar n tune it according to wht it shows on the screen
    ne tuning u do will ultimately for u be correct so u can still play the same chords n sing with it too.
    however as death metal said there r other tunings like drop D, open A, open C etc. in which even chord progressions will not sound the same.
    in these the relative tunning of the strings is different than for EADGBE (standard)
  5. ambuj

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    thanx... my question has been answered :grin:

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