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Discussion in 'Guitar Gear Talk Forum' started by Ron VJ, Jun 1, 2012.

  1. Ron VJ

    Ron VJ New Member

    Hello, I have been playing guitar for the past two years, had purchased an Aria STG which I loved to play way back when I purchased it. Getting familiar with different styles, different TONES i started disliking my Aria srsly.

    I usually play metal, hard rock. ( Nickelback, Linkin park, Trivium and Killswitch engage type metal music )

    And i am now looking for buying my 2nd guitar. I am confused to the HELL. In my mind brands such as


    Are eating me up. I can not judge which of these brands will suit me the best. But to some extent I like Ibanez RG Guitars ( the only ones which are within the budget ) , PRS i think I need to forget about it as they are above 25K range. Coming to Schecter, I have seen in many good reviews on Net, Music Dealer and on many forums....

    So finally I am confused b/w Schecter and Ibanez.
    as i mentioned above I like Ibanez more than Schecter.

    I was seeing Ibanez RG170dx, RG270dx and RG370dx... out of which only RG170dx is available in Furtados( 270dx and 370dx are ordered seperately )

    In Schecter I have seen Sunset Extreme, Omen 6.

    Please tell me guys which guitar I should go for?

    As every pro guitarist goes on to each stores to try his hands on different guitars and choose the best for him, i too indeed to do that..
    And if the guitar is not available in the stores such as Bhargava's or furtados, should I ask them to order for me? I fear they wouldn't let me try the 270dx or 370dx coz I'll need to give half the money...

    I terribly confused!

    **sorry for such a lOOOng para :p**
  2. akshay.p

    akshay.p New Member

    bhargava's is the official Ibanez dealer so you shouldn't have a problem with the availability of most Ibanez models...In fact you might wanna look at the RGR321. If you're into rock and metal you might want to try BC Rich's Warlock. I hear it is good for that sorta stuff and it is around 19k so it should fit in your budget. The Jackson JS32 is also good but I don't know where you get that..
  3. Ron VJ

    Ron VJ New Member

    Thanks for the reply Akshay,
    But I see no Ibanez guitars on bhargava's site.
    Actually there are two websites of bhargava's, don't know which one is original?
    bhargavasmusic.com or bhargavasmusik.com

    On Bhargava's "Musik"
    And they don't have much variety only two models shown in website...

    Or do you recommend me going to the store itself, will they have some good variety of Ibanez RG series there?

    Edited - Just saw the Bhargava's Musik stores are only in Mumbai....
    In Delhi we have only Bharava's "music" ...which i told doesn't shows any Ibanez Products on its site!
  4. shubhamAT

    shubhamAT New Member

    I suggest you go to Bhargava's in Daryaganj. The main shop is very small with only a dozen or so guitars but on the 2nd floor of the same building there are lots of guitars to try out.
  5. tirtha2chester

    tirtha2chester New Member

    There are plenty of options at your price range... These ones are the best of the lot:
    1 - Samick Greg Bennett Avion AV6 (24k) Without trem
    2 - Ibanez RG 350DX (23k) with trem
    3 - Schecter Omen Extreme FR (23k) with trem (THE BEST ONE)

    My suggestion, DON'T go for ESPs (at your range), Jackson JS series guitars, gios, sqiers, Corts or BC Rich Warlocks (They are the shittiest of the lot)...

    You won't get PRS at your range.... They all start from 32-35k mark...
  6. akshay.p

    akshay.p New Member

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