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    I know I've been bad to you,
    Its only time thats come to pass;
    To show me where I went wrong,
    and moments I've been so crass.

    They must have hurt you deep,
    Morose and sorrowful inside.
    Yet cheery on your face,
    gives me a chill that I fear,
    You've gone too far,
    And the hate has grown deep.
    This night's been so dark,
    And ghostly shadows creep.

    How can I say I liked you?
    To begin with, I've to say so much.
    But you are'nt there, to listen,
    your face I cannot touch.

    I want to ask for forgiveness,
    I just need 27 minutes of your time.
    I'm in need now, hurt by loneliness,
    My tenacity has been my crime.

    If you dont return,
    I'll know my fears are true.
    Though I live without your spirit,
    these lines I still write for you.
    But you're not there, to listen,
    Your face I cannot see.
    I had to say so much,
    I guess this is what I had to be.
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