A first time full fledged and detailed tutorial of Kannada Song ever on Internet!!!

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    Am sure all Kannadigas have been swayed by Appu's Paravashanadenu from Paramatma..Again..by Sonu..
    paravashanadenu video song Paramathma Songs - YouTube

    One member of our IGT @vinue had posted his version of Paravashanadenu chords at 'cool headed mod' Rajesh Shiraskar's thread.. Paravasha Naadenu (Paravashanadenu ) Guitar chords - Paramatma - YouTube
    The same person has been posting a tutorial in parts for it at his youtube channel from past few days..and i have to admit that there has never been a detailed and full fledged tutorial for any Kannada song ever like this..So Cheers to him..Thanks a lot sir
    As of now 4 parts have been posted till the first verse.I dunno if there will be any other posts.but these are what have been posted so far..and the best thing about the tutorial is..ITS IN NAMMA KANNADA!!! :)

    Paravasha nadenu - Part 1 - Intro Lead - YouTube

    Paravashanadenu Part 2: chorus chords & arpeggio - YouTube

    Paravashanadenu Part 3: Main Lead - YouTube

    Part4 - 1st Para : Paravashanadenu - YouTube

    Let us appreciate the effort.
    Komal :)

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    Good going guys !

    Cheers !
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