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  1. varmas11

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    at like 4.30 am one morning, i was a bit in an altered state and feeling it, so i made up a little hip hop kinda freestyle thing, but it's more like an everlast kinda thing:

    there's still hope [warning--> as i was altered, the language is VERY explicit so
    you are warned !!]

    i don't wanna know [remix]

    the i don't wanna know song is by me and my friends in sr yr of high school and is a spoof on the college admissions process for indians
    it's pretty funny, listen to the lyrics in particular
    [it's that mario and diddy song too if you diddnt know]

  2. slipknot_555

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    particualy i m not a gr8 fan of hip hop coz i m voodoo ppl!!! but i liked it... nice one!

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