A Faraway Land

Discussion in 'Poetry and Lyrics Forum' started by horsesmouth, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. horsesmouth

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    umm...I dunno y m writing so sad these days, mebbe i need to freshen up a bit..
    here I go, it says how we wish for somethings so much which dont happen cuz others dont like, mebbe ur own near ones..the line regarding the rose means, people who want to help more often land into trouble than others.
    Ofcourse, its dedicated..as is most of my things these days..

    It longed for freedom, for joy and light,
    to do what it feels, to live and recite
    poetry of the world, the faraway lands,
    that make in our minds worlds of fantasies.

    Deep in a thought for someone near,
    wished it could help, wipe a tear.
    Or somewhere there, in the faraway lands,
    So it wished it could take him there.

    Though be near, means not so close,
    and bleeding are the hands holding the rose;
    So it wished it could take its stand,
    and runaway to the faraway land.

    But too distant is the faraway land,
    and holding back are our own men.
    All the strength of a mind's desire,
    in their path, they lie in vain.

    Words of consolations can't belittle its grief,
    in the sea of fate, their hopes have drowned.
    A poet killed, a bird has flown,
    and the world stood still, just watched it gone.
  2. sukriti_hats

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    :\ dunno wat to say....
    it's fine.... :(
    or maybe it's nice....but my mood...isnt gud
  3. nandy0894

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    wow!!!!! no words...!!!...its amazin'..!!
  4. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    @sukriti....dear...u're sad....n this thing sadder....okay i'll dome up wid sumthin happy nxt tym :) n it'l be dedicated to u.....
    @nandy....thanks dear...
  5. allstarsband

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    its good, though could've been better...i dunno how but, cant do poetry :|
    @horsie......btw i liked ur new siggy :D
  6. metalhead_junky

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    i liked it...artistic. You always compare things, never show yourself directly, i love that!
  7. horsesmouth

    horsesmouth Active Member

    Thanks! both of you!..

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