A choice to regret, a chance to forget

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  1. horsesmouth

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    Well this happened with me, in china.....I wont go deep, but few would understand what I mean...

    Standing in the street,
    She's looking down below.
    What she is or could've been,
    she does'nt seem to know.

    A stranger crosses by,
    staring at her loneliness.
    But she is what she's become,
    so he tries to go away.
    He's so repulsive,
    But he leaves a shine in his wake,
    A message to show her true face;
    and a chance she has to take.

    They share a melody, a hymn universal,
    though strangers, they simply rhyme.
    Dont know what the other speaks,
    Their tongues are common through time.

    She thinks who he is,
    coming from nowhere or the sky?
    Showering rains of happiness,
    These moments might last forever.

    But he had to leave,
    A moment she'd hated.
    Their words are still unspoken,
    but their hearts are so elated.

    He leaves her at crossroads,
    to be what she is,
    or fight for what can be;
    This is hard to miss,
    Though its a nameless target.
    She still has an option;
    Its a choice to regret,
    and a chance to forget,
    She now has a direction.
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    i like it
    again a femanine prespective...what ever whts gud is gud .. !

    keep the ink alive
  3. horsesmouth'sGF

    horsesmouth'sGF New Member


    Hey its me..ur girl friend..
    i totally understand the meaning of ur poem..
    u cheater...
    did u really kiss that girl in china ?? i feel sorry for u.
  4. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    drama starts....
  5. horsesmouth'sGF

    horsesmouth'sGF New Member


    sorry for d last post.i din mean to hurt u

    although i like ur poems..de all r very good...nd i wld like to continue reading ur poems with ur permission.u r really very intelligent strong nd yet so sensitive..nd much more than that i know..God bless!!!..I'll always love nd respect u no matter what happens...i want to c u happy coz dat makes me happy..hehee.:) :p
    U ROCK! :D
  6. wow smthing happnig here, what is it ant exactly clear....(springfields..)

    gud poem horse

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