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    Hi this Rahul (divinerhythm) Im really excited to join this Big family. I am novice when it comes to guitar...actually I want to join guitar classes and I reside in kandivali (W). Guys it would be really greatful of you if you can guide me in purchasing guitar as I want to purchase one but im not sure which is good one and where to purchase from as I heard of furtados but im not sure what to say them about guitar as i am not expert like you guys...so it would be really helpful of you guys if you can tell me different type of guitars and there comparison and I am also looking to join classes for learning guitar so if you can also help me by telling me if there are any guitar learning classes in Kandivali (w). I am sure you guys will be thinking yaar yeh to bahut maang raha hain...but if i will not ask my family members than whom should i ask...so please guys help me!!!! Thanks in advance.!!!

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