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    these lyrics are written by me

    these lyrics are suited for metal and gothic music, so n-joi and give ur comments

    ~The dark day~

    The third eye invades the invertebrate
    On grounds of flesh and river of snakes
    The masters slave give call to the dark
    To detorate the heaven and bring the war
    The rage to kill and spell in the hands
    The lie of the mortal face him to his death
    The creatures of shadow and monsters of sand
    Rise immortality in fate of the man
    The deadly wizards and filthy nights
    The beasty warriors and heads of fight
    The smell of the blood, the hear of the sorrow
    The grey and the black to fill up tommarow
    The cry of the poor, the eyes of the weak
    With death all around and nothing to peek

    The greedy temptation of intoxication
    The need of frustation of devil demolition
    The feudal setup to break upon
    To rise the angel or face the dawn
    The growth of the weed of truth or destruction
    To merge evolution of cosmopolition
    The apocalyptic, the anti-addicted
    The knot of the hands make it magnetic
    To crush the soul, to kill the insane
    To free the mortal from cage of un nammed

    ....... to be continued


    ~The Hell day~

    Blood bath the angel corpse
    Regenerate life through dead mobs
    Curse the black soul of hell fire
    Hold the peace to stay in heart of liar
    Blind smoke of agony in hand
    Spread like a history in the chain
    Equip with armour of the trust
    Destroy the burial grounds beneath the crust
    March with the enemy to fight against lord
    Spill venom rage in spell on the ultimate ward
    Rise the evil spectre in cover of the dark
    Bless the night of stars in the killers park
    Encrypt the code of death to light the black
    Burn the faith and head to smack
    Eat the eyes with vision to win
    Megalomaniac makes the devil spin
    Rip and torn the anti-evil
    Dig the faith of mortal to trivial
    Spend the thrust on crashing the life
    Give the answer for noone to strive

    ill soon write some more lyrics..sorry my first lyrics is incomplete but soon ill complete it...and u can give ur suggestions also what else can i write in it..i have some more lyrics but ill write them l8r on..till then keep rollin'
  2. madhuresh

    madhuresh madhuresh

    The dark day...1st stanza ..you used a lot of imagination in describing the senario then the 2nd one has haphardness of thoughts so..waht can come next may be a contrasting serene calm cold dead dream !
    alll in all 6 out of 10
  3. summerboyrocks

    summerboyrocks New Member

    thanks Dude im glad atleast someone read it
  4. walk_alone

    walk_alone **~~| An Atheist |~~**

    your lyrics are characterized by gloom and mystery and the grotesque.
    i kinda liked it....

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